Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And I turned ’round and there you go

Been doodling more. I'll put finished illustrations up soon I promise! Now that I'm on break I'm not sure what to do. I feel like I may have split personalities (artistically anyway) because I love sketching fast quick drawings but when I'm using pen I feel I need to draw slow, graphic shapes which is still fun. There is this underlying pressure to find a style and I'm still trying to figure it out. Cartoons or realism? OR A COMBO? maybe a combo would be my best bet to make both sides happy.

Kids in my ill class.

Kids in my Arts in Context class

Sleepers in Computer ill

my sister driving to miami for her birthday

my sister driving back

doodle man

Grace eyes

I drew Rachel a year ago in figure drawing class.

beach house

sketchy figure dancing

head studies from anatomy book



kids for a fake business card

see you soon.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

no one does it like you

Junior year is coooool. I love my classes and I've been volunteering for things that take up most of my free time and yet there's always time for Farmville. Here's some sketchbook stuff. I've been trying charcoal again since it lets me get different values in. Lately I've been inspired by blogs that focus on patterns and textures. Printmaking and silkscreening would be great to take one day. I need more time!!


single ladies


after finding a spider on my ceiling corner

painting class critique


what tevi looks like over skype when he's reading

charcoal stuff

charcoal nude 1

charcoal nude 2

attempt at drawing melissa

i didn't end up doing this for the occupation illustration but it was still funny lol

Sheep shearing occupation thumbnail. I made thousands of little circle squiggles all around on my final and moved the type so it was horizontal.

the first page of my children's book for class! Her name is Lucy Mckay.

current project thumbnail for an editoral illustration. Balloon boy hoax!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

im really happy for you and imma let you finish

So summer was nice. It seems that I indulge in my friendships in the summer but during the school year we're all too busy to stay connected. I miss them anyway. I'm enjoying school more this year.. maybe because I'm comfortable with people now and I feel more prepared almost? It helps that I like all my classes too. The pictures I took of second semester work came out really grainy and I plan on retaking them if I go down to Miami. Some stuff from last year.

Plants, Oil, Mrs. Cooper's class

"Running out of steam" figure of speech assignment. hell yeah.

12 piece series for Mrs. Cooper's class. I painted things I've broken in my life. It was interesting enough that I didn't mind painting them last minute.

close up of my broken glassses

Junior year

Computer Illustration assignment to create three icons that go together. I chose heart attack foods or overindulgent foods. Yumm

Made two stickers for Illest of Ill 09 sale.

number 2 sticker

I'll try and keep up with posting this year lol.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

leaving soon

I'm leaving Miami in one month to be an OL at Ringling so maybe I should start painting. After going to the Wynwood Artwalk last night, I was inspired by the seemingly effortless pieces and sculptures that were showcased and being sold for thousands of dollars. Oh, to be a contemporary artist these days.

I realized I'd like to be an art teacher/ illustrator in the future. My elementary school teacher Mrs. Burris noticed I was excelling in art class and told me I had potential to go to a visual arts program in middle school. At that point I had no idea what I was doing, but she lead me in the right direction and I think that would be cool to do too. I'd like to show kids how to express themselves with art despite the fact that art programs in elementary and middle schools (at least in Miami-Dade county) are closing but football is getting more funding. Assuming there will still be a demand for art teachers, I'm going for it.

Also found a cheap anatomy book at barnes and nobles so whoever reads this should check them out :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

summer lovingg

vasup? i've applied to lots of places but no one is hiring. i caught up on sleep in may and have been recently waking up at 9 or 10 instead of 1 or 2. i've read, cleaned, worked out, eaten healthy, practiced driving and more. i need a 21 year old to drive with me as a practice, but all the ones i know want to nap until dark so i'm kinda screwed. i made a list of goals for the summer and i'm slowly checking them off. selling shit on ebay ain't easy. i've seen some friends and i want to see more. being alone at home is letting me grow a lot. i want to get out and not be such a lazy lazy. my second cousin wants me to illustrate her children's books which is cool since i'm taking the class in fall now. watched singing in the rain, rocky 1 and 2 and i can't believe i've been missing out. gotta watch more classics! i also need a new sketchbook really badly since i finished my yellow one already.

anyways here's some stuff i should have posted months ago! some stuff is missing/ someone gessoed over it/ haven't been able to photograph.

from illustration media:
had to draw any fish of our choice in pen and ink. i chose an veiltail fish and combined two photos.

scratchboard of a ram.

oil rub technique of amy winehouse. we had to chose any famous person and put something in the illustration that summed up their accomplishments. i thought the old jazz microphone was classier than a crack pipe.

watercolor portrait of our classmate.

watercolor still life of an umbrella

watercolor still life of mr. brandes' scooter.

had to make up a cacaroach off the top of our head.

href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_GhWnTW6pK1s/Sj_UZ9hJMRI/AAAAAAAAAV0/n1Q6QWjk3Ic/s1600-h/trees2.jpg"> watercolor treez

watercolor of my favorite candy, m&ms

acrylic paint of "every hair on the dog" technique, i chose a fox.

illustration 1:

extreme realism assignment of an object with a box that would fit the object. i call this one.. flashlight.

spring break graphic advertisement for fun in the sun! using 3 classmates and crazy foliage.

tattoo assignment where we had to use symbols and research to convey the meaning of our word. Mine was wisdom.

self portrait opposite assignment. I had to use medium, color, objects, layout, etc. to convey "comfortable"

self portrait opposite assignment. had to convey the opposite of "comfortable" which was "stingy".