Sunday, July 12, 2009

leaving soon

I'm leaving Miami in one month to be an OL at Ringling so maybe I should start painting. After going to the Wynwood Artwalk last night, I was inspired by the seemingly effortless pieces and sculptures that were showcased and being sold for thousands of dollars. Oh, to be a contemporary artist these days.

I realized I'd like to be an art teacher/ illustrator in the future. My elementary school teacher Mrs. Burris noticed I was excelling in art class and told me I had potential to go to a visual arts program in middle school. At that point I had no idea what I was doing, but she lead me in the right direction and I think that would be cool to do too. I'd like to show kids how to express themselves with art despite the fact that art programs in elementary and middle schools (at least in Miami-Dade county) are closing but football is getting more funding. Assuming there will still be a demand for art teachers, I'm going for it.

Also found a cheap anatomy book at barnes and nobles so whoever reads this should check them out :)


Amanda said...

Hello! This summer I got my teaching certification. Or rather, I'll have it finished in two weeks.

The teaching/freelance thing is a nice gig, the school gives you benefits and government things and the freelance gives you actual money. That's how I think of it anyway. I won't be teaching this coming year since I got a job up North, but I like the fact that now I have that option whenever I want it in the future.

I too had a really great art teacher and I appreciate what she did for me, and what I could do for others in the future. It's a good cycle to be in. :)

Kristen Cruz said...

hey! haha. Where did you get your certification at? I still have to research about graduate school and the possibilities of getting a masters in art education or teaching. Maybe career services can give me more ideas if I should get try right after college or after I've started my career.

That is true about the teaching benefits especially summer off and a steady paycheck. I'm glad you found a job! good luck.

It does seem like a good cycle to be in :) We should probably email our teachers to say wassaap and thanks lol.

Amanda said...

I got my certification through an intensive summer program at what was MCC but is now the State College of Florida. You can do it in a summer or in a few months there. A lot of grad programs for education want certification before you apply, so I may get my masters in the future, but right now I just want to get out and work for awhile and gain some age and experience and what not. Career services actually does have a lot of recommendations about this, Phyllis and that blond lady hooked me up.

Haha, actually I visited my art teacher this summer to thank her and she wrote me a really awesome letter of recommendation. Good deal. :)

Dani R. Levine said...

OoO i've been looking for a good anatomy book! It is hard finding ones with a good balance between detailed drawings and nice quality photographs. I will definitely have to check that out though.

Gratz on becoming an orientation leader!!