Tuesday, September 22, 2009

im really happy for you and imma let you finish

So summer was nice. It seems that I indulge in my friendships in the summer but during the school year we're all too busy to stay connected. I miss them anyway. I'm enjoying school more this year.. maybe because I'm comfortable with people now and I feel more prepared almost? It helps that I like all my classes too. The pictures I took of second semester work came out really grainy and I plan on retaking them if I go down to Miami. Some stuff from last year.

Plants, Oil, Mrs. Cooper's class

"Running out of steam" figure of speech assignment. hell yeah.

12 piece series for Mrs. Cooper's class. I painted things I've broken in my life. It was interesting enough that I didn't mind painting them last minute.

close up of my broken glassses

Junior year

Computer Illustration assignment to create three icons that go together. I chose heart attack foods or overindulgent foods. Yumm

Made two stickers for Illest of Ill 09 sale.

number 2 sticker

I'll try and keep up with posting this year lol.


grace berler said...

nice! ps- i LOLed at your subject title when i figured out what you were referring to

Dani R. Levine said...

*laughs* These just made my day 10X better. Very Nice! :D

Kristen Cruz said...

thank you ladies. glad to make you laugh :)