Tuesday, October 27, 2009

no one does it like you

Junior year is coooool. I love my classes and I've been volunteering for things that take up most of my free time and yet there's always time for Farmville. Here's some sketchbook stuff. I've been trying charcoal again since it lets me get different values in. Lately I've been inspired by blogs that focus on patterns and textures. Printmaking and silkscreening would be great to take one day. I need more time!!


single ladies


after finding a spider on my ceiling corner

painting class critique


what tevi looks like over skype when he's reading

charcoal stuff

charcoal nude 1

charcoal nude 2

attempt at drawing melissa

i didn't end up doing this for the occupation illustration but it was still funny lol

Sheep shearing occupation thumbnail. I made thousands of little circle squiggles all around on my final and moved the type so it was horizontal.

the first page of my children's book for class! Her name is Lucy Mckay.

current project thumbnail for an editoral illustration. Balloon boy hoax!



Aless said...

Nice use of the weekday stickers :P

But yeah, your charcoal sketches are cool, and don't you mean you put the text horizontal on the sheep shearer poster? Heheh single ladies.

Kristen Cruz said...

thank youu! i fixed that lol. thats right all the single ladies mmhmmm.

Sam said...

cool drawings!

Kristen Cruz said...