Wednesday, December 10, 2008


ps. i love national geographic books.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

batman bakery

So I did this like a month ago in French's class. Natalie and I were talking about how ugly Maggie Gyllenhaal was in the new batman movie so I drew her and some other characters (Batman and Two-Face if it wasn't obvious lol). Two- Face was also like
"WHERE'S RACHEL YOU GUYZZ?" for most of the movie so I drew that too.

Thanksgiving break was awesome. Seeing family, Tevi and turkey was what I needed to sustain me for the next week and a half till Winter break. AGHOISDGHSODK i want it nowww. I'm scrambling just like everyone else so I'm going to finish an essay and French stuff. Laterz

Thursday, November 6, 2008

figure stuff

I've been really busy balancing class and for the past 3 weeks, 2 jobs (Alumni Relations and Development office assistant and Phonathon caller). With the phonathon, a group of students and I called up old alumni to update their contact info, see what was up with their life, and ask for a donation for the school. It was a great experience since I'm not afraid of answering/ talking on the phone with strangers and I got some good advice from Illustration alumss. Gotta keep truckin. I need to rent a camera from IT and take pictures of my work so far lol. So this is some stuff I posted to my figure classes blog. Here you go!

p.s i just killed a bunch of ants that were feasting over a hersheys kiss on the floor with FEBREEZE! mmmmmm

One of my first drawings in conte, learning the half lights and half darks.

Charcoal, but using mostly shapes.

Watercolor. I really enjoyed doing these.

Quick sketchy gestures which are pretty fun.

Eyes from my sketchbook. I had lots of different reference, and it was cool drawing all of them :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

me and you having a barbeque

This past week was alright. Watercolor has been fun and we're using it in figure class too. I worked on my submission for Illest which didn't get in but I'm glad I painted it. It was based on a drawing I did that looked like Karen O.

I did a gibson girl hairdo to match the theme of the Illest of Ill theme gallery show on Friday.

My girl Vanessa got in! ^^woo

People were dressed to impress and it was pretty bangin.

Oh and my boyfriend Tevi came all dressed too :] The show was great overall and seeing him this weekend cheered me up a lot. I'll post some more stuff later.


Monday, October 6, 2008

First entry

I'm testing this out since I've never had a blog before. I have an lj but I updated it a loooong time ago, when I used to be cool. Hellll yeahhhh