Thursday, November 6, 2008

figure stuff

I've been really busy balancing class and for the past 3 weeks, 2 jobs (Alumni Relations and Development office assistant and Phonathon caller). With the phonathon, a group of students and I called up old alumni to update their contact info, see what was up with their life, and ask for a donation for the school. It was a great experience since I'm not afraid of answering/ talking on the phone with strangers and I got some good advice from Illustration alumss. Gotta keep truckin. I need to rent a camera from IT and take pictures of my work so far lol. So this is some stuff I posted to my figure classes blog. Here you go!

p.s i just killed a bunch of ants that were feasting over a hersheys kiss on the floor with FEBREEZE! mmmmmm

One of my first drawings in conte, learning the half lights and half darks.

Charcoal, but using mostly shapes.

Watercolor. I really enjoyed doing these.

Quick sketchy gestures which are pretty fun.

Eyes from my sketchbook. I had lots of different reference, and it was cool drawing all of them :)


Buggie said...

preeeetty nice..I really like the charcoal ones

grace berler said...

the watercolor ones are so fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!

Kristen Cruz said...

i don't get notifications for when people comment, but thank you both :) (i love you too grace)

Anonymous said...

Kristen, I just watch people but I also add them to my list that you see on my blog "artsy people" (which I'm adding you to by the way). :D But I also usually use my RSS reader NetNewsWire to watch for when blogs update. I have quite a list going actually. XD