Monday, June 22, 2009

summer lovingg

vasup? i've applied to lots of places but no one is hiring. i caught up on sleep in may and have been recently waking up at 9 or 10 instead of 1 or 2. i've read, cleaned, worked out, eaten healthy, practiced driving and more. i need a 21 year old to drive with me as a practice, but all the ones i know want to nap until dark so i'm kinda screwed. i made a list of goals for the summer and i'm slowly checking them off. selling shit on ebay ain't easy. i've seen some friends and i want to see more. being alone at home is letting me grow a lot. i want to get out and not be such a lazy lazy. my second cousin wants me to illustrate her children's books which is cool since i'm taking the class in fall now. watched singing in the rain, rocky 1 and 2 and i can't believe i've been missing out. gotta watch more classics! i also need a new sketchbook really badly since i finished my yellow one already.

anyways here's some stuff i should have posted months ago! some stuff is missing/ someone gessoed over it/ haven't been able to photograph.

from illustration media:
had to draw any fish of our choice in pen and ink. i chose an veiltail fish and combined two photos.

scratchboard of a ram.

oil rub technique of amy winehouse. we had to chose any famous person and put something in the illustration that summed up their accomplishments. i thought the old jazz microphone was classier than a crack pipe.

watercolor portrait of our classmate.

watercolor still life of an umbrella

watercolor still life of mr. brandes' scooter.

had to make up a cacaroach off the top of our head.

href=""> watercolor treez

watercolor of my favorite candy, m&ms

acrylic paint of "every hair on the dog" technique, i chose a fox.

illustration 1:

extreme realism assignment of an object with a box that would fit the object. i call this one.. flashlight.

spring break graphic advertisement for fun in the sun! using 3 classmates and crazy foliage.

tattoo assignment where we had to use symbols and research to convey the meaning of our word. Mine was wisdom.

self portrait opposite assignment. I had to use medium, color, objects, layout, etc. to convey "comfortable"

self portrait opposite assignment. had to convey the opposite of "comfortable" which was "stingy".


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