Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sketchbook update

Summer is here and I'm in Miami and went to Atlanta with Tevi and loved it. All the hills and abundance of trees make it so appealing to live there. It's raining now and my cat Sushi is catnapping next to me and has his paw on my chapstick. Time for sketchbook update.


miss cooper

figure drawing sheman?

rachel paying attention in history of ill.

rachel again. i wanted to draw her awesome shoes.

doodles in history

someone said this in a southern accent so i drew it.

more doodles in class

vanessa during shawn barber demo

i'm preferring normal pencils over mechanical to get more line variety.

norman rockwell / egon schiele man


pastel man

even more doodles


fasshiioon passiionn



simplelimbs said...

i get so excited when i see your drawings haha

Higgeldy-Piggeldy said...

duuuuude I look amazing! (joe liked the one of me up my nose)
I need to post those drawings of you and natalie

Also did you draw the girl in the skirt from Frankie =p?

Del Rey said...

Heeeey I'm there too :) I likes!