Sunday, June 12, 2011

Printmaking work

So I took a printmaking elective in the fall and I wanted to show some of the work I did. It was a really nice class to keep my creativity flowing since you could do whatever you wanted and didn't have to worry about it looking pretty. Printmaking would be fun to continue if it wasn't such a hassle to have a good facility available out of school. Oh well, at least I have this work. Enjoy!

Color print - Sheep

Etching- Pensativa Blue (Pensive girl)

Etching- Pensativa Black

Aquatint/Etching - Brick wall

Sketches of flowers for my monotypes

Sketch of chica for my monotypes. I did the same image of the girl but with different flowers in her hair. Wanted it to be feminine and latin ;)

Chica Bonita Oleander - monotype

Chica Bonita Jacob's ladder flower - monotype

Chica Bonita Sunflower - monotype

Chica Bonita Orchid - monotype

Chica Bonita Magnolia - monotype

Chica Bonita flower series

sketch for woodcut!

Woodcut- Femme Fatale

sketch for last piece

Linoleum cut- Hedgehog . This eventually became my business card image :)

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