Monday, April 4, 2011

Intro to Web Work- CSS, Coding, and Cool sites

So last semester I took Intro to Web which is an open elective GIC class. It was really fun learning Dreamweaver and coding because it reminded me of my old myspace days and learning what code to put in to change my background color. I made 5 sites and we had to compile them in a final site which is if you're interested in seeing them online and in action!! My first few sites suck but it was fun once I got the hang of it.

This is the main page with the highlighted hover action.

My first site! ughh so bad lol.

My second site! so bad yet so cute because of my cat Sushi.

This is 3rd site, a mock music site.

This my portfolio site, the final site I made.

My favorite site was an informative site about an simple object that we picked. I chose glasses but wanted to explore them in a fashion timeline. I made all the icons/patterns and picked colors that reflected each time period. Here are some screen caps it.

Glasses vectors

Objects from the different eras.

Main page

Bifocal page

Cat Eye page

Hipster page

All 9 pages together

Hope you enjoy!!

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