Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cappuccino Pillow

So after doing two editorials, I decided I wanted to have work for my "cutesy" portfolio. I wanted to do a pillow design and make it by hand with a cute image on one side, and a pattern on the other side. I found out that Michael's has fabric paper that can be printed on so I printed them in the labs, and tried sewing them the night before my critique at the 3d labs where there are sewing machines. OF COURSE they weren't working and I ended up going to a friend's house to sew it together by hand. Then I slightly ironed it to flatten the top but the ink mushed away. I don't have a picture of the pillow but it was 5 inch by 5 inches and it was too cute for words.

My teacher was confused because he thought with the coloring and style that this pillow was for kids, but kids don't drink coffee. I told him it was for Urban Outfitter type store where grown ass people drool over cute plushies (me being one of them). I changed the colors from pastels to more vibrant ones which is what is here now. So enjoy! and maybe I'll make the pillow again one day!

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