Monday, June 27, 2011

Synergism projects

I took a class called "Synergism" which was basically a class where you combine more than one thing together to make your concept stronger. We did different assignments, a lot that didn't make sense at first but challenged us to brainstorm and think thoroughly to come up with a piece that was compelling! Here's my work.

Porcu-Sheep. We had to combine animals together that had a function. I figured a sheep could use protection from wolves by having porcupine quills. It also didn't hurt to put in an old lady using the wool and quills to knit. Needed that cute factor!

Kiwi dude.

This assignment was fun because we had to take a dictionary page and combine the words on that page into an illustration that made sense (kind of). So I wanted to have a flightless kiwi, and a flying kiwi. I also had words like kite, and kitchen that helped with the setting, and flying kite kiwi concept.

This was a sketch for an open assignment called "Connections".

I chose to illustrate the love connections that happen over the internet.

The assignment was to create an "Awesome Thingy" that would better the world. I chose to create machines that would help the economy and the environment, all in one go! The machines were supposed to resemble moneybags (kind of) and I researched the processes for making paper, coins, and plastic and simplified it inside the machines. The machines recycle paper for cash, cans for coins, and plastic for credit cards. It would be a great incentive for people to go green to get green.

Paper/Cash Machine

Metal/Coin Machine

Plastic/Credit Card Machine

This piece was a quick one. I chose to illustrate the possibility of cellphones giving you cancer. A month after I did this, new studies came out that it's actually TRUE! not that anyone will give up their cellphones, but whatever. Oh well! I'll be updating my thesis soon so watch out for that... and be careful with your cellphones!

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