Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long time no see

Hey everyone!
I'm not going to acknowledge the fact that I haven't posted in forever. I feel like junior year was great and I'm going to miss Advanced Media and Figure Painting because I learned a lot. Summer was fun in Miami- taking summer classes, working for a month as an office assistant and getting a CAR FINALLY!! Went to LA for a week and loved it. I also had my fair share of TV with Man vs. Food, Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Cupcake Wars, and DC Cupcakes. You know, a variety of things. I'm so excited for this year! Enjoy some stuff from last semester I finally updated :)

Balloon Boy Hoax editorial. This was a double page spread about how the parents wanted publicity and their own reality show and could care less about how they were exploiting their kids.

Song Reader Book Cover. The story is about this therapist in a small town who asks people what their favorite songs are. From there she can tell how they are truly feeling and can give them life advice based on that.

Open Assignment Editorial about a girl's reading preference. This is about a girl who is surrounded by superficial beauty and fashion magazines, but decides that she prefers to read the newspaper. It was a bitch cutting out all this stuff but the collage look is really cool.

This was for children's book illustration class last year! My story from creative writing in high school was the basis for the Lucy Mckay adventure. I was going through a phase of patterns and textures if you couldn't tell lol.

Man Pet Machine pen and ink. This is what I came up with for the infamous Advanced Illustration project Brandes gives out. I went the cutesy- children's book-Shel Silverstein route.

Linoleum cut of MIA. I had so much fun with this and we started the project the day before MIA's video for "Born Free" came out. Good thing Ron Weasley wasn't in town!

Linoleum cut of MIA with color. This took me forever to wipe the color out correctly. Printmaking is still awesome though.


N.Hall said...

that lino cut is boss :P love your ink assignment too very cutesy,
and your childrens book layout looks great, i like the papercut look it gives


pete ryan said...

great lino cut!
lets see more!