Sunday, October 24, 2010

Throwback post

oh hey blogger!

Senior year has been busy! I've been in the labs almost every night and my bed times are ridiculous. It's all good though. Anyway, I feel like I have to update last year's stuff before I can update new work. I am running on Cuban time so I apologize for the lateness. I'll start with figure paintings from junior year. I had the class for a whole year with Hodges Soileau who was an amazing teacher. He would point out things I didn't see, and really helped me understand shapes, value and color, even though I still have value issues. It was a fun class. These are pretty much in chronological order so enjoy :)

my stylized face

I thought this would be safer in case children were around... but watch out for the next one!

mr. boner has a tendency to stare down girls in the class with an erection. I was unfortunate enough to get a spot right in front -_-

my favorite part of this piece is her booty.

this chick played a guitar with no strings! It's not like I forgot to paint them in or anything...

this guy was in a weird position that he couldn't hold for more then 5 minutes at a time before shaking and having to rest. I felt bad, but it was a cool pose.

I was taking art history at the time, so maybe I was influenced by the baroque period? Old school chick.

Anyway, I had fun in painting class and hope to continue with oil when I have time.

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The Letter A said...

That smiley face is hilarious! BONERTON!