Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post graduation work

OH HEY!! A lot has happened since I last updated. I finished an internship with American Greetings in the Alternative Humor Department and it was such an eye-opening and awesome experience. I got to work with some of funniest illustrators I've ever met all while learning the process of creating funny greeting cards. Illustrating silly characters/handwritten type everyday that fit a joke was more than I could ask for. I even got pied in the face for a video! I miss the Alternative team so much!!

Anyway, since I created up to 15 cards for them and we can't let competitors see our work before it's published, I can't show you the work I did there. I can show you all the silly doodles and weird things from my sketchbook while I was there though. So enjoy that. Another update: I recently got a job in Miami at a printing and engraving company as a graphic artist/ promotional products manager. It's going really well so far. Hope you enjoy these sketchbook pages! Click on them for a larger view ;)

I forgot how to spell creepy apparently

on the plane ride to chicago lol

I can't stop drawing these girls with bitchy expressions. aw yeah

I'd hang out with this girl..

my friend antonio being a mojon

my attempts at fashion illustration

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Adrienne Benitez said...

I like that "Stupid Bitches" with the glasses underneath it.... I want it on a shirt B)