Monday, November 1, 2010

Throwback Junior year Illustration

This is some work from Junior year. I realize I like primary color schemes a little too much lol. It was a busy year and I was able to get some great work for my portfolio.

Remember this first doodle? Well she turned into the next two pieces!

My pretentious girl character sheet. Her name is Michéle and she is a recent NYU drop out who first came here from France. She felt she was too good for school. She's was inspired by all the cool hip art students I've come across.

Her favorite spot to judge people who pass by.

This assignment was to create a poster for a job. My job was sheep shearing and my teacher suggested I have the text sheared into him.

Sheep Shearer final. During critique classmates thought he was in a bubble bath lol. I was having a pattern/ texture phase last year so I spent about 1 hour drawing those swirly circles. The piece is about 20 in by 30 in so my hand was tired. Acrylic and color pencil.

This was an assignment to create a series where our pieces had to be develop from monochromatic to complementary to triad. The subject matter was self consciousness among women and their body image. I wanted to focus on those parts they try to hide and use color to glorify them because women are beautiful yo! Acrylic on 16 by 16 in canvases.

This was a sketch about a femme fatale and her relationship with her loser dancing partner.They are using each other to get something they want. She uses her boobs to get to his wallet. Ain't that the truth. The final wasn't great, but the line drawing is cool.

This was in advanced media and the theme was fantasy/ folktale. This cute satyr is just chilling with other kids during lunch and no one cares that he's different. yay!

Portrait I did of my friend Lindsay. Oil is awesome.

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