Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Old Artwork from high school

As some of you may know, I transfered in as a sophomore even though it's my first year of college. This was mostly because of dual enrollment credits since my high school (New World School of the Arts) was right next to a college, but I'm assuming it's also because they thought I was capable of the workload. At the time I didn't realize how awesome going to a magnet art school was. Now I can see how I was prepared and having experience in stuff like figure drawing and acrylic paint has been helpful.

So here is some old artwork I did from high school. This is mostly stuff for my portfolio that I used when applying to all the kewl art schools. enjoy :)

Mixed media


double self portrait in charcoal. the shy side, and outgoing side.

figure drawing in oil pastel


Acrylic self portrait

acrylic toilet painting that won me an honorable mention in scholastics! lol


my friend cat with her power animal the dragonfly.

I really loved traditional black and white photo class. I did a lot of sky pictures that ended up being part of my portfolio. I thought of it as more conceptual which I'll get into eventually.


double exposure of crazy flock of birds

near my house

on the road

my stomach has a mind of it's own

woah fisheye


junior class caricatures

piece called satisfaction. she's unsatisfied with the plain ribbon, so she takes it upon herself to fix it and is finally satisfied.

I'll post more soon. I have more conceptual stuff that would have made this post too long.



PhotoFly said...

I love your style missy!!
Especially your first piece, the double self portrait and your feminist cartoon. But my favorite is your friend with the dragonfly.
Kristen is a badass.
The End.

Kristen Crooze said...

thanks gabbyyyy :)

Chris Betancourt said...

ok... of these r sick... but ur acrylic self portrait is SICCCKKKKK!!!! lol just thought ud want to know :)